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This is not an emergency service. Same day consults are not available. If you are in distress please contact your nearest emergency department, your local area mental health service triage or dial "000".  

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Regional WA



Dial-in using your computer or smartphone from your home.



Hello. We are a team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Social Workers who work closely with GPs across regional Western Australia to offer telehealth services and regional clinics. We provide single session assessments and ongoing reviews. 
Medicare funds and supports the use of telehealth across regional Australia. Telepsychiatry and telepsychology reduce costs, travel time and long waitlists Western Australians in regional areas face seeing Mental Health workers. There is growing evidence showing telepsychiatry is as effective in-person consultations. 
Our clients dial in from their homes, GP clinics and local hospitals. We offer treatments for depression, anxiety, bipolar, addiction, bullying, PTSD, OCD and more. 
We are a mixed-billing service. Our team will assist you with the videoconferencing software.
Click on the Clinics tab for location details of regional bulk-billed clinics we have run in recent past. Given the recent COVID19 outbreak and the amount of travel our staff do running regional clinics across WA, we have decided to pause all regional clinics till further notice. Our telehealth service continues. More information can be found by clicking on the Read More icon below or under the Services tab

How We Can

Help You


You will need a referral from your GP to access this service

45 mins


You will need a referral from your GP or Psychiatrist to access this service


50 mins

What We Can

Help You With


Someone with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder suffers from recurring.. 

Poor Body Image

Body image is how we think and feel about our bodies. It includes how we...


Chronic pain defined as experiencing pain for over 3 months, affects over 10% ...


There's nothing wrong with feeling angry. However frequent anger outbursts ...


Stress is a feature of all our lives, it's a normal part of being human ...

Sleep problems

The quality of our sleep can be an indicator of our mental health ..

Low self esteem 

Self-esteem refers to the way in which you see yourself. Someone with ...


Extreme highs and lows in mood and energy levels. Previously ...


some people experience pervasive anxiety or anxiety that prevents them ..,

Drug & Alcohol

Addictions can range from substances (alcohol and illegal drugs) to internet ..

Legal reports

Requests for medico-legal reports are reviewed on a case by case basis ..,

Meet Jane..