Speak with our caring and professional psychologists for sensitive and evidence based treatments for poor body image.

Poor Body Image

Speak with our caring and professional psychologists for sensitive and evidence based treatments for poor body image.
The way we see ourselves may be very different from how others see us. Body Image is a very subjective experience. Simply put: body image is how we think and feel about our bodies. Our telehealth counselling Australia services include how we feel about our weight, height, skin colour, shape, and overall appearance. 
Body image concerns likely lie on a spectrum. On one end there are mild concerns about certain characteristics and on the other end deep-seated worries and eating disorders. People with body image worries might find their concerns fluctuate depending on stress and other things. 
What influence Body Image?
Body image is complex and rarely boils down to one trigger. It's influenced by our temperament, stressors, influencers ( role models, friends, family), media (fashion, advertising), industry (fashion, fitness and beauty) and gender.
When does Poor Body Image become a Problem?
  1. ​Valuing appearance highly, often to the detriment of personality, interests, education and finances. Believing that changes to appearance can make you more likeable. 
  2. Viewing your body in a very different way to others which impacts your self-esteem. You might find that you are avoiding social events as a result.
  3. Constant worry leading to you constantly checking your body in the mirror or completely avoiding looking at your body. You might compare your body to others leading you to feel worse. 
  4. Frequently and extreme efforts to change or hide a perceived defect. This could lead to you spending excessive amounts of time at the gym, dieting or spending excessively on cosmetics or outfits. 
Why is Poor Body image a Problem?
Research shows body image is a significant concern for young Australians. You may spend a lot of time or money on trying to change your body. We sometimes see people who have gone into debt due to body image problems. 
Your risk developing an eating disorder and associated physical health concerns. We know that extreme diets can impact your bones, skin, heart and brain functioning. 
Diversification with your body can lead to you avoiding social contact, distancing yourself from friends and family. This behaviour along with low self-esteem puts you at risk of experiencing depression

How can we Help?
There is an increasingly large body of research evidence showing certain psychological treatments to be effective in reducing the distress caused by Body Image problems. The treatment is designed to help you accept and feel more comfortable in your body. 
Treatments which have been researched and used for the treatment of poor image are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  


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