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Chronic pain defined as experiencing pain for over 3 months affects over 10% of adult Australians. Most specialist pain teams include psychiatrists and or psychologists. Effective pain treatment psychology management allows patients the opportunity to regain their sense of self-efficacy and control over their lives.  
How can chronic pain affect you?
  • Guilt - Often people feel they have let their family and others down. The point the finger at themselves. They can view themselves as a "problem", "not able to carry my weight", which can sometimes lead to thoughts of not wanting to be around. 
  • Loss and Grief - Chronic health conditions, pain being no different can lead to a number of losses and ensuing grief. Often people feel that they have been treated "unfairly", robbed of the chance to work, travel, play with their children or go on holiday. 
  • Anger towards your body - It's common to dislike the part of your body which is causing you trouble. Anger can also be directed inwards, a deep dislike or hatred towards yourself. People with pain may also take out their anger in outbursts which can affect others. 
How we can help
Our psychologists can help you cope with day to day tasks and consequences of chronic pain. Difficulties with problem-solving, disease acceptance and coping or anxiety can all be psychological consequences of chronic pain. Our psychologists can help with communication, decision making and self-confidence which are sometimes affected by pain. 
Chronic pain is often associated with depression. Our psychiatrists and psychologist are well-positioned to help with your mental health alongside your pain symptoms. We provide a range of mental health treatments and medication. 
We understand the importance of a multi-disciplinary team approach when managing pain. We work closely with GPs across Western Australia. With your consent, we will liaise with your pain specialist based in Perth.  


You will need a referral from your GP to access this service

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This is not an emergency service. Same day consults are not available. If you are in distress please contact your nearest emergency department, your local area mental health service triage or dial "000".  

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