five reasons why you should consider speaking with a therapist:
Reason #1: Friends and Family Support
Friends and family can be great sources of support. However, in some cases, they can be quick to give advice and often dive right into “fix-it mode.” When this happens, the focus of the conversation is shifted away from you and your unique experience to their advice and their point of view. Also they may lack the objectivity and training a professional psychologist has. 
Reason #2: Self Care
Just as you take care of your physical health, it’s equally important to take care of your mental health. Prioritising mental health promotes healthy self-care practices.
Reason #3: Realise Alternative Perspectives
When you experience difficult situations in your life, it’s often hard to see alternative solutions. Therapy can widen your perspective and provide distance between you and your problem, helping to approach and eventually overcome the stress impacting your wellbeing. 
Reason #4: Finding Meaning
It’s natural to want to understand the reason difficult things happen to you. Understanding the purpose of the hardship manifests through thoughts of, “why is this happening to me?” When you can contribute a sense of meaning to a difficult situation, the power of the problem is often diminished. Therapy is a process that can help you discover the lesson.
Reason #5: Discover New Coping Strategies
Therapy can help you discover new coping strategies to manage current and future problems. Coping strategies are the intentional efforts you make to manage and minimize stress. Some coping strategies will resonate more with you than others. Learning and implementing new coping strategies gives you the confidence to believe you are in control of managing your problems. 

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This is not an emergency service. Same day consults are not available. If you are in distress please contact your nearest emergency department, your local area mental health service triage or dial "000".  

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