Learn ways to improve your mental health and self esteem from psychologists and counsellors at Epsychiatry. How to improve your self esteem?

Low Self Esteem

Self-esteem refers to the way in which you see yourself. If your self-esteem is low you will struggle to see the good in you, be more critical of or question yourself more often. People with low self-esteem are less sure of themselves and are less happy in themselves. Epsychiatry psychologists and psychiatrists can help people improve their self esteem and mental health.
What are some signs of low self-esteem?
  • ​Focussing on the negative. Say for example you a certain opportunity, if your self-esteem is low you might fixate on that, and attach yourself and how you think about you to that missed opportunity. 
  • Discounting the positive. Minimising positive things, attributes or occurrences around you. Lacking the ability to acknowledge the positive things that are happening in your life. 
  • Viewing yourself as not good enough. You are overly critical of your appearance, choices, behaviour or work. 
  • Withdrawing or avoiding social engagements, work-related opportunities because of worries that you are not worthy or the right fit.
What causes low self-esteem?
Often low self-esteem stems from childhood with experiences of neglect and failing to live up to the standards set by our parents. Not being cared for can lead to patterns where you struggle to care for or appreciate yourself. Failure as children to meet the standards our parents, teachers or classmates set can leave us feeling unworthy. 
These high external standards or being viewed as not worthy as children can lead to low self-esteem as adults. Low self-esteem does reduce your confidence, and you can enter into a circle where you don't put yourself forward and as a result, don't have the opportunities to have corrective experiences which can change how you view yourself. 
Low Self-esteem and Mental Health
Low self-esteem is seen across a range of mental health conditions. Low self-esteem is seen commonly in those who feel anxious in social situations. It's also common in depression, eating disorders and body image conditions. Low self-esteem can contribute to us subjecting ourselves to toxic work environments or abusive relationships. 
How can we help?
There are different psychological treatments that can be used to help low self-esteem. Our telehealth psychologists and psychiatrists are experts in helping people with low self-esteem, plus they can help look at overall mental health, relationships and work implications of having low self-esteem. ​​


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You will need a referral from your GP to access this service

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