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Anxiety or fear is a normal response to a present or imagined threat. Everyone feels anxious from time to time, and it's healthy and can make us better prepared in certain situations. However, some people experience pervasive anxiety or anxiety that prevents them from doing certain things. An anxiety disorder is when your anxiety starts to impact your functioning. Anxiety Treatment Australia can be provided across regional Western Australia by Epsychiatry psychiatrists and psychologists.
What are some of the signs and Symptoms?
People with an anxiety disorder report have an intense worry, fear or sense of unease. They may notice differences in their thinking; difficulty tolerating uncertainty, obsessive thoughts or fearing the worst.
As their thinking changes the way they behave may also change. People with anxiety avoid certain tasks, procrastinate or withdraw, they may avoid work or use alcohol to cope. 
Physical symptoms people complain about include trouble breathing, heart racing or sweating. 
What are some of the different types of anxiety?
There are different types of anxiety, generalised anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, phobias, worries about your health and agoraphobia. This is not a complete list and if you have questions regarding diagnosis it's best to speak to your psychologist or psychiatrist.
How is anxiety diagnosed?
How are anxiety disorders treated?
Anxiety and depression?
There is a significant overlap between anxiety and depression. During periods of stress, an episode of depression might be triggered and there might be worsening of the anxiety symptoms. For example an episode of depression might to a lack of motivation and not wanting to go to work, which might increase worry about finances and how your colleagues think about you. 


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