Anger Management Australia with Epsychiatry
Learn about anger and how to manage your anger with Epsychiatry.

Anger Management

Anger Management Australia with Epsychiatry
Learn about anger and how to manage your anger with Epsychiatry.
There's nothing wrong with feeling angry. It's an emotion that at certain time has its uses; for example, if someone was to take something from you anger can ready you to respond. However frequent anger outbursts or anger directed towards yourself can significantly impact on your wellbeing. Difficulty controlling your anger can impact on your relationships, work and reputation. Our Anger Management Australia can help you in resolving such issues.
It's normal for people to feel angry from time to time. Anger becomes a problem when the intensity of outbursts, the frequency and uncontrollable nature become more prominent. 
Anger can lead people to lash out at others which in turn leads to them being fearful of you. This can spill over effects onto your relationships. Partners may leave, children may not want to talk or friendships end because of anger. 
People with anger problems are triggered relatively easily; they may fly off the handle and resort to physical acts of aggression leading to trouble with the law. Anger outbursts can have significant financial consequences. Anger can lead to problems at work, clients that irritate you or colleagues who get under your skin. This, in turn, affects your work performance and satisfaction you derive from work. 
Turning to unhelpful coping strategies; alcohol and drugs use to contain the anger.   
How can a psychologist help with my anger?
  1. Increasing your awareness of triggers. Exploring times when you have become angry to find triggers. Exploring with your psychologist those comments, people, actions that made you feel angry. Trying to bring out what about those triggers made you angry. 
  2. Learning anger management techniques. With your psychologist, you can practice and with time master various techniques to nip your anger outbursts in the bud. 
  3. Improving communication skills and negotiating your needs. Often anger outbursts can be averted by better communication. Your psychologist can help you to stop and listen to what is being said, and how to respond in a way that is appropriate and gets your needs met. 
Do Psychological Strategies for anger work? 


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